Ancestral Research Fees

Ancestral Services

Hourly rate for research (subject to a minimum of 4 hours) = £25.00.

Full-day research at archives in Edinburgh along with a report detailing our findings = £225.00.

Full-day research at archives outwith Edinburgh along with a report detailing our findings = £250.00 plus agreed travelling costs.

Copies of the following documents = £0.50 each:

Birth Certificates (over 100 years)
Marriage Certificates (over 75 years)
Death Certificates (over 50 years)
Old Parish Registers
Census extracts

Copies of Inventories and Wills = £0.50 per page.

Transcriptions of Birth, Marriage, Death Certificates, Census extracts, Inventories and Wills are included in the above Hourly or Full-day research rate.

All other documents are charged at the rate made by the archive.

By undertaking research on your behalf we cannot guarantee how much information can be sourced from the available records in the agreed timescale. Please note that the agreed fees are for the researcher’s time, not for the information uncovered.

Please contact us to discuss your ancestral research requirements.

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