Cheryl learns more about her ancestors

The photograph of a headstone for William James Orford and his wife Harriet amongst her late father’s effects had intrigued Cheryl Hutchison nee Orford for several years. It was obvious that William and Harriet were connected to her, however she had never heard her father ever mention the couple. Unfortunately none of Cheryl’s relatives could identify the couple either.

Headstone for William James Orford and Harriet E Miller

Cheryl contacted Ian at Borders Journeys for advice about finding out who William and Harriet Orford were and how they were connected to her. Most intriguing was why was this the only photograph of a headstone amongst her father’s effects? One of Chery’ls cousin’s had already researched her maternal line; however any research into her paternal line had drawn a blank.

Ian began by asking Cheryl to tell him as much as she knew about her father and his parents. Cheryl knew very little about her grandparents as they had died before she was born, however she had been told that her grandmother Orford was reputed to be from Ireland.

From the information obtained, Ian began checking the on-line birth, marriage and death indexes and quickly located the family lines. The National Censuses from 1841 to 1911 are available on-line; they were checked and several other family lines were confirmed and verified by purchasing birth, marriage and death certificates.

From his research Ian was able to confirm that William and Harriet Orford nee Miller were Cheryl’s father’s grandparents and lived most of their lives in and around Stratford in London’s East End. From his research Ian found that grandmother Orford was born Florence Crow in Wanstead in London’s East End and not Ireland. Researching the Crow line took the family back to Bristol and Gloucester; it’s strange where these family stories come from!

At the end of the research Ian presented Cheryl with concise reports detailing her paternal ancestry. From knowing very little about her paternal family, she now knew who her two grandparents were plus details of four great grandparents, seven of eight great great grandparents and five of sixteen great great great grandparents.

Ancestral Reports for Cheryl Hutchison

Cheryl, who was born in Essex, now runs Hutchisons Carpets in Galashiels with her husband Mark and family.

We recently received a letter from Cheryl:

Dear Ian,

I would like to thank you for the genealogy work that you have done on my father’s side of my family. I have known very little about them as both grandparents had died before I was born, and my dad hardly mentioned his relations.

You have opened a whole new world, right back to great great great grandparents. I have only recently got back in touch with my cousins on dad’s side and I know they will be as interested in our family tree as I am. With only one uncle alive, I intend to visit him and hopefully get his reminiscences.

You tackle ever thing that you do with such enthusiasm, efficiency and confidence. I would not hesitate to recommend your expertise to anyone.

Yours sincerely


If you are interested in learning more about your ancestry and would like us to do research on your behalf, please contact Ian on 0131 450 7151 or email him at


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