Christine Woodcock walks in her Cumbrian ancestors’ footsteps

Christine Woodcock and her family joined us on an ancestral tour of their ancestral roots. Christine was born in Scotland but emigrated as a small child with her family to Canada.

Each year Christine who is Director of Genealogy Tours of Scotland organises a tour to Scotland where ‘homecomers’ return to their ancestral roots. The homecomers’ week is spent researching their Scottish ancestral roots in ScotlandPeople Centre, National Archives, National Library of Scotland and Scottish Genealogy Society.

Christine’s ancestral roots in England are in Carlisle, Harker and Houghton. The tour began in Edinburgh where we travelled south through Peeblesshire into Dumfriesshire. We made stopped in Moffat for a provision of Moffat Toffee before travelling onto Gretna Green.

Gretna Green

In Carlisle we visited places associated with Christine’s ancestors and found where they lived, worked and now rest. We had lunch at Houghton Hall Garden Centre; this venue was chosen as one of Christine’s ancestors worked at Houghton Hall in the 19th century.

Christine's Ancestral Visits

We travelled back to Edinburgh via Langholm, Hawick, Selkirk and Melrose. It was a pleasure to organise Christine’s ancestral journey to Carlisle plus share with her the beauty, history and culture of Dumfries & Galloway and the Scottish Borders.

Christine Melrose

Thank you to Christine for allowing us to use some of her photographs.

Christine’s review of her ancestral tour can be found on her blog; here she says “It was an amazing day. I know that my tour participants who have enlisted Ian’s assistance for their ancestral journey will not be disappointed. Thank you, Borders Journeys!”


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