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Some of our happy visitors – How about joining the fun in 2016?

Please feel free to leave a comment about your visits with Borders Journeys. Below are some testimonials from our happy visitors.

Ian. Memories are not material items. They’re like little snapshots throughout your life framed by love & blessings. Memories are best kept inside, to be taken with you everywhere you go. That way, they’ll constantly surprise you by unexpectedly popping into your head – because only life knows when you’ll need a smile to emerge. Mark Jenkins (USA) September 2016

Some lovely messages that I received from visitors while providing Tour Director services to CIE Tours International during 2016:

Thank you for hosting us on our Scottish adventure. You are the perfect Tour Director – knowledgeable, gracious & patient.

Thank you for helping make memories to last a lifetime. What an awesome trip!

Our tour exceeded our expectations in every way – in a large measure to you. Thank you for being a knowledgeable, organized guide and such a pleasure to be around. We will measure all future tours by this one.

Thank you so much for making my first trip across the pond (and first ever tour) so wonderful! You really went out of your way to ensure that we all had the trip of a lifetime. We all especially enjoyed your humour and jokes.

Ian Walker is an exceptional tour guide. His speech is understandable and well-paced. He is a wealth of information which he imparts with enthusiasm. Ian has concern for every member of the tour group and makes sure that our needs are met. He has great respect for his clients and is a man with a great love for his country.

This has been my 14th tour that I’ve taken in Europe, you are the very, very best tour guide that I’ve ever had.

Thank you so much for all of the care & concern you showed us. Thanks too for a well guided tour, we appreciated your knowledge, music, the gossip as well as your ‘cunning plans’. Enjoy a well-deserved rest during the winter.

 Thank you so very much for making our vacation absolutely fabulous! We enjoyed the entire tour especially your knowledge, company & insights.

 Thank you Ian for providing us with a great tour. We very much enjoyed your commentary and organisation along with your skilled diplomacy. The tour was a lot of fun.

 You were absolutely fabulous as a tour guide by telling us so many interesting facts & stories as well as answering our questions. You took care of everyone and made sure that they were safe. We couldn’t have had a better tour guide.

Libby and I arrived safely back in Toronto yesterday with wonderful memories of our trip to Scotland. I want to thank you for the three terrific days we spent with you as our guide. I can’t identify any one highlight of our three days, as the whole experience was a collective highlight. (Well – maybe finding the Amos gravemarker at St. Michael’s Church in Stanwix might qualify). Simply being in the areas where our ancestors lived in the early 1800s was so satisfying and following the route that our great grandparents took in 1901 was so interesting to us. While I have my own photos and notes for our trip, I especially like being able to see your record of our trip on your Facebook page – another perspective for us that is fun to read.  Now I will have to begin thinking about what I might consider doing next! With warm regards and, again, my sincere thanks. Janet Purvis (Canada) 21/07/2016 Janet & Libby’s Ancestral Tour

Day Trip from Edinburgh to Hermitage Castle and the Borders Region My husband contacted Borders Journeys to see if a trip could be arranged for three generations of our family to visit Hermitage Castle and the Elliot Clan Chief at her home in Redheugh. Ian was amazing – responded quickly and thoroughly to all our questions, understood the constraints of mobility issues for my husband, and ensured that we saw the sites that were important to us, but also pointed out other interesting options along the way. He interacted well with both the adults and the children aged 8 and 10. He is very knowledgeable about the region and its history, but didn’t overdo the commentary. The trip was very relaxed and well paced. We were picked up on time and delivered home again on time too. We would highly recommend Borders Journeys for day trips. Hilary Elliot (Canada) via TripAdvisor June 2016 Elliot Family’s Ancestral Tour

Travelling to Scotland fulfilled a life-long dream for us. It was a wonderful experience that we will never forget! We can’t stop talking about it and hope to return again in a couple of years. You made our trip so enjoyable with your historical knowledge, camaraderie and attention to detail. Thank you again for the best vacation ever! Donald & Eileen Fuller (USA) 07/06/2016

We are very grateful for the wonderful trip you gave us around the ancestral lands. It’s been very good to get a sense of where our family lived on our ‘roots’ journey. We love Scotland! Thanks so much for keeping track of all of the history. Ginny, Kathy & Jim Cunningham (USA) 01/06/2016 Cunningham Family Tour

Your hospitality made my Scotland holiday so memorable. I have been back in America now almost a month and I miss Scotland! Robin Zonghi (USA) 24/05/2016

Some lovely messages that I received from visitors on an eight day Scottish Dream tour guiding for CIE Tours International:

Ian, we really appreciated your wonderful touring information and very helpful attitude. Because of you we had a great time. We were very impressed with your historical knowledge – even the dates too! Bob & Sheila (USA) 20/04/2016

Thank you for a wonderful tour Ian. We had a great time, you made it very special. Hank & Kathy (USA) 20/04/2016

Some lovely messages that I received from visitors on an eight day Scottish Dream tour guiding for CIE Tours International:

Thank you so very much for leading our tour through your beautiful country! Scotland was everything (and more) that I thought it would be and you deserve all the credit for making it happen. Jim (USA) 10/04/2016

Thank you for enlightening us in the history and traditions of Scotland. We had learned bits and …pieces of Scottish songs and lore during our upbringing, but you truly helped us put it all together. Scotland is a beautiful country with proud citizens, something I wish our countrymen had as much respect for our history as people of Scotland do. You did a great job – very knowledgeable, very proud, very pleasant and very attentive to details. Thanks again for making our tour of Scotland a memorable one. Jon & Jan (USA) 10/04/2016

Thanks so much for your expertise and friendly nature each and every day of the tour, mum and I had a wonderful time. Thank you for the extra stop at Kilchurn Castle for photos, it all helped my story come to life even more. Carrie (USA) 10/04/2016

Expert Guide through the Scottish Borders – I contacted Borders Journeys for a private tour of the Scotland Borders about a year prior in preparation for our visit in September of this year. Borders Journeys handled every detail expertly and gave expert input into what would be the most important landmarks and locations to visit in our 3 day effort to connect with our Scottish heritage and walk the footsteps of our ancestors who lived in this area so long ago. 
Ian provided us with a wonderful experience and helped to make special memories that will last a lifetime for us. We had a wonderful tour of Edinburgh that included a walking tour and a visit to the Palace where we arrived at the perfect time to take unobstructed photos of the Palace. The next two days we spent out in the country visiting the Rosslyn Chapel, and then we travelled through the Tweed and Yarrow Valleys before going to the site of our Scott ancestors in the Ettrick Valley. We were able to visit three homes associated with our ancestors. We visited Kirkhope cemetery and found three headstones for two sets of great and great, great grandparents. 
Ian’s knowledge of the area and his warm hospitality helped to make this trip the dream come true we had hoped for. It was an amazing trip and one we will be talking about the rest of our lives. Renae Fogarty (USA) via TripAdvisor 16/09/2015 Betty, Renae & Becky’s Ancestral Journey to Ettrick

Won’t disappoint! Day Tours or Multi-Day! – July, 2014 and July 2015, we were blessed to have Ian Walker and Borders Journeys as our guide. In 2014, we spent 11 days, 1700 miles travelling Scottish Borders, Northern Ireland, Wales, and England. Ian drives his minibus and takes all the worry out of your trip so you can enjoy the beautiful country. He is passionate about his home country, Scotland, and a wealth of knowledge and history. We enjoyed our time so much, we immediately booked an 8 day tour for July 2015 for the Scottish Highlands. He keeps the vehicle extremely clean, always goes above and beyond to bring some extras you weren’t expecting and has a wonderful sense of humor as well. This year, my husband and I were a bit mobility challenged with all the steps that are part and parcel of castles from centuries prior. Ian couldn’t have done more to make our trip as easy as possible and allow us to see as much as possible. This says day tours but I can vouch that multi-day tours are a terrific value and so much better than big tours as this is customized to exactly your interests. We are already planning another adventure and plan to use Borders Journeys again. Couldn’t be more pleased! Carolyn Rebel (USA) via TripAdvisor 03/08/2015

Hi Ian. I wish to thank you for making my holiday an unforgettable experience. Your excellence in tour guiding and your sweet and humane dispositions all contributed to make my dream holiday come true. Wish you all the luck in the world. Once again, Thank You.Lorraine Cauchi (Malta) 07/06/2015

Dear Ian. It was a pleasure having you as a guide. You really brought history to life. Thanks for making our Scottish holiday a really memorable one. Thanks very much for the lovely pics you sent. You are really one in a million. Hope to see you in Malta one of these days when you can afford the time from your busy schedule.Victoria Grima (Malta) 05/06/2015

It was a fun trip. You were always well prepared and handled everything in good humour, it’s not an easy job but you were always professional. You made us want to come back and do more.Sandy & Ed Buckles (USA) 02/06/2015

Hi Ian. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the trip to the borders region of Scotland.  Had no idea how vast and open the land was, and Hermitage Castle looking so immense. It meant a lot to me to drive through and see the Corrie Common area where my Corrie family possibly originated.  Now it is open grassland with sheep, but imagine how it must have looked over 300 years ago with crofters and individual farms. Thanks again.Joan Wyman (USA) 14/05/2015 Nancy & Joan’s Ancestral Journey

Dear Ian​. You are a gem! Thank you eternally for your research, your help with genealogy, history and most of all your sense of humour and your positive spirit. You have taught me a lot in all realms of humanness. You are a great guide for tours but also a life guide. You are someone all of us hope we will meet in our lives. Someone who directs us at the perfect time to give us a push in the right direction and gives our lives new meaning and depth. Not only do I have a new sense of my ancestors, but you have taught me what it is to be Scottish. I am proud of that heritage. Thank you for that. A humble thank you for all you have done.Gail Chaid (USA) 07/05/2015

Thank you again for making memories for JoAnn and me. Sue Nelson (USA) 23/04/2015 Jo Ann & Sue’s Ancestral Tour

We’ve just had a visit from the lovely Ian Walker from Borders Journeys. What a nice man and a true representative of Scotland! – Moniaive Chocolatiers 23/04/2015 Jo Ann & Sue’s Ancestral Tour

I had such a great day and a real bonus to actually come across some headstones that are relevant to my research and others that might be connected somehow. I have just looked through my photos and am looking forward to your professional photos.Carol Bossenberry (Canada) 22/04/2015 Carol Bossenberry’s Ancestral Tour

We can’t thank you enough! What a lovely adventure we experienced with you over the last few days – a lot of wonderful memories that we’ll treasure forever. It has been simply sublime! Margaret & Lynne (USA) 19/04/2015 Margaret & Lynne’s Ancestral Tour – Part One and Part Two

Thank you Ian for your extensive knowledge of a country you show you are proud of and loveWayne & Rosetta (Canada) 05/04/2015 Glasgow Tour (Facebook), Loch Lomond to Inverness (Facebook) and St. Andrews (Facebook)

It’s been a wonderful tour and the highlight of our holiday. – Sadie Deffiney (Canada) 23/03/2015 Sadie & Raiden’s Tour to Rosslyn Chapel and the Scottish Borders

Thanks for your time to take me for the trip and the warm hospitality. – Anthony Cheung (Hong Kong) 18/03/2015 Stuart & Anthony’s Tour to Glencoe

It really was a great day Ian. Great photos too. Many thanks. – Stuart Matheson (Hong Kong) via Facebook 12/03/2015 Stuart & Anthony’s Tour to Glencoe

Recalling our awesome trip last August in your beautiful country and the lovely sites you showed us on our private tour with you Ian – no-one could ask for a more knowledgeable guide than you were for us! I look forward to returning in the near future with my daughter and friends. Best to you and hope to see you soon. – Toni Hodson 12/03/2015 via Facebook Toni & Alex’s Tour of Dumfriesshire & the Borders

Rosslyn Chapel and Edinburgh – fantastic time! Cannot fault this guided tour. We booked a private tour for 8 people including two children 11 and 7 and we had a lovely day with Ian. He was prompt, knowledgeable and passionate about Scotland. He had thought the day through and made a plan for what we would see. He drove us in the van and commentated on the way, answering questions. After Rosslyn Chapel which was amazing, he drove us around Edinburgh and pointed out places we could visit on our next few days. And his recommendations were spot on. We also took our kids to Edinburgh Castle, walked the Royal Mile and went to the toy museum and “Our Dynamic Earth”. The latter is highly recommended. He dropped us off at the Grassmarket and pointed out some great restaurants for lunch. Fantastic trip and highly recommend this tour company again. – Kuchel Family (Australia) via TripAdvisor 07/01/2015 Kuchel Family’s Tour

Ian, you were a wonderful tour guide full of knowledge and humour. Thoroughly enjoyed my time with you and all your help.Nancy Huntley (Canada) 02/01/2015 Nancy returns to her ancestral roots in the Borders

You always take pride in your work and deliver the highest standard in a friendly and comfortable way.Kaz Langlands (Scotland)  21/11/2014

Best money we spent! – My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. We booked a private day tour with Ian to Rosslyn Chapel and the Borders. Ian was a wonderful guide with so much knowledge about Scotland and funny too. You could tell he took pride in what he did. Without a doubt, do not delay in booking this wonderful tour! This was definitely the best money we spent while staying in Scotland. I cannot recommend Borders Journeys and Ian enough!Julia & Paul (USA) via TripAdvisor 17/11/2014 Julia & Paul visit the Scottish Borders

Hi Ian. Thank you for guiding us to Lindisfarne and Alnwick this last weekend. We had a wonderful time. We would not hesitate to recommend you as a guide for our friends and family visiting Scotland. It was a pleasure to meet you.Don & Jennifer (USA) 30/10/2014

Thanks for everything. It worked out so well! Excellent work and I will use Borders Journey again and have no problems recommending them to anyone. – Morten Erichsen (Norway) 25/09/2014 Nordic Visitors Sample Best of the Borders

Best tour guide service in Scotland. – Paula McDonald (Regional Director – VisitScotland) via Facebook 23/09/2014

Thank you again for finding the best resources to search out the family and for a great day touring Glasgow and Paisley. I will definitely pass along your contact info to friends and family. – Cynthia Dudley 04/09/2014 Cynthia’s Journey to her Ancestral Roots in Glasgow & Paisley

Thank you very much for unravelling the mystery of  Margaret Bell Nee Todd. Looking at what you have discovered was quite a surprise to say the least. This has now given some clarity to the life of Margaret Bell. – Archie & Elizabeth Bell 02/09/2014

A big thank you for a great visit to Culzean Castle and Dumfries House.  The three of us thoroughly enjoyed our day and a return trip to Dumfries House sometime in the future is a must.  So thank you for putting up with the ‘oldies’. – Maggie Thomas (Edinburgh) 01/09/2014 Culzean Castle & Dumfries House

Great trip to Rosslyn Chapel and the Borders Area – Ian was great! Our trip to Edinburgh started with a tour out to the Borders region including Rosslyn Chapel, Glenkinchie Distillery and Abbotsford Castle and the town of Melrose. It was a great trip in a smaller van and Ian was a very knowledgeable host. He planned the trip so that each of our stops were off the schedule of the larger bus tours and therefore we did not have to deal witt large crowds. He was happy to give us a history lesson of the area and his passion for Scotland was infectious. He also gave us some restaurant recommendations that were perfect for my husband and me. I would recommend this trip and I would assume that all the other tours he gives are also wonderful. – Gretchen Seif (USA) via TripAdvisor 24/08/2014 Rosslyn Chapel and the Scottish Borders

Thanks again Ian Walker for all your help in helping both me, my Mom and Bonny Ward to complete this search for great grandfather William Ferguson and his story. We not only found him but his parents story as well with your help. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a lost family member. – Barbara Blackport (Canada) 19/08/2014 Barbara’s Ancestral Journey Leads to Quarriers Village

I am so thrilled to know William Ferguson’s, our great-grandfather’s, family history in Scotland. This kind of documentation is fantastic. Thank you Ian Walker. – Bonny Ward (Canada) 19/08/2014 Barbara’s Ancestral Journey Leads to Quarriers Village

Many, many thanks for the memories you have made possible for Alex and I, our trip more than exceeded our hopes and I’m sure it is you who made that possible and we feel that we have a new friend named Ian in Scotland. If you are ever in the states, be sure to look us up do we can return the hospitality. – Toni Hodson (USA) 16/08/2014 Toni & Alex’s Tour of Dumfriesshire & the Borders

Thank you once again for 2 “perfectly” lovely days in the Border Country – it was an AWESOME time and we will always remember! Do hope we can return soon & will most certainly use your kind service. – Toni Hodson (USA) 07/08/2014 Toni & Alex’s Tour of Dumfriesshire & the Borders

Alber family would like to say “hiya” Ian and thanks for being such an integral part of our Scotland travels. Many miles and many sights and many interesting conversations. We could not have enjoyed or learned so much, and we are like sponges with historic info. Sending kudos for your adventures on the wet hike over the rocks at Skye. Borders Journeys is now the talk of our friend Catriona’s Bridge Club (in Edinburgh). You have contributed to memories that will last a lifetime. – Patrick Alber (Canada) 29/07/2014 Alber Family’s Tour of Scotland

Ian Walker was an integral part of a very successful vacation for our family of five adults. He is very patient and intuitive about sussing out details and personalities in order to make a tour successful. We could have seen much of the countryside on our own, but we would not have enjoyed the history, and we so enjoy our history, as much without Ian. We would have missed a lot of local lee too. A relaxed and confident traveller is a happy one, and we were, all five of us. A good mixture of events and places and keep the conversation going. Ian has become part of some very cherished family memories for years to come. I hope to come back for more in the future, maybe do the lineage this time. – Alber Family (Canada) 29/07/2014 Alber Family’s Tour of Scotland

Wonderful vacation. Ian thank you for being everything a guide should be. Seeing Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England with your knowledge, skill, fun and adventurous spirit made our long-anticipated vacation perfect. – Marilyn Hodge (USA) 20/07/2014 Carolyn, Gary & Marilyn’s Ancestral Adventure

Ian, it seemed every day was packed with highlights and memories we will always treasure. I can’t count the number of fences you climbed, walls you stood on, hikes you took with my camera to make sure I got the best shots. You went above and beyond our expectations and getting to see the changing of the guard at Windsor Castle just finished off our trip in grand style! You and Jeannie fearlessly drove roads that are scarcely wider than a bike path here at home. We would never have had the courage to do that on our own and we would have missed so much. It was a blessing to just enjoy the views and leave the driving to you! Thanks again! Gary, Marilyn and I had a fabulous time and thanks also to Louise for all the travel arrangements!Carolyn Rebel (USA) 20/07/2014 Carolyn, Gary & Marilyn’s Ancestral Adventure

Hi Ian. We really enjoyed our trip today – thank you. It was very relaxing and well organised. Many thanks. – Jo & Anthony Dillan via Facebook 15/06/2014

Hi Ian thanks again for the splendid tour, the detours and the little adventure.  – Kristof Bours (Belgium) via Facebook 13/06/2014 Glasgow, Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park

Another amazing tour. Thanks for all you do for the region. – Paula McDonald (Regional Director – VisitScotland) via Facebook 12/06/2014

Hello Ian – Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for our wonderful day tour to the Borders. Kathleen and I thought it was a fantastic day. – Rae Taylor (Australia) 07/06/2014 Rae & Kathleen’s Garden Tour of the Borders

Thank you for all your help and research. I will certainly recommend your services to anyone who is doing research.  – Wendy Wilkes (Canada) 21/05/14

Thank you so much for all your work, and so quickly too!! If anyone asks me to suggest a researcher in Scotland, without hesitation I’ll recommend you.Pat Adam (Canada) 20/05/2014

Thanks so much for a perfect day! I couldn’t have asked for a more helpful, pleasant, and knowledgeable guide. – – Sylvia Mayberry (Canada) 13/05/2014 Sylvia’s ancestral journey to Aberdeenshire

Thanks again for making my trip possible and so very enjoyable.Nancy Delabbio (Canada) 08/05/2014 Nancy’s back in Scotland for another Ancestral Tour

It was a great day and an amazing journey. Thank you.  – Christine Woodcock (Canada) 07/05/2014 via Facebook Christine Woodcock walks in her Cumbrian ancestors’ footsteps

It was an amazing day. I know that my tour participants who have enlisted Ian’s assistance for their ancestral journey will not be disappointed. Thank you, Borders Journeys! – Christine Woodcock (Canada) 04/05/2014 Christine Woodcock walks in her Cumbrian ancestors’ footsteps

My husband and I have just completed an ancestral tour with Ian and we would highly recommend him to anyone thinking of visiting Scotland. We have found Ian to be extremely knowledgeable in all facets of this country he loves so well. Our tour was tailor made for us, and we found it to be a perfect blend of ancestral tour and a wonderful tour of this beautiful country. If you are thinking of visiting Scotland please contact Ian, you won’t be disappointed. – Lyn & Peter (Australia) 26/04/2014 Lyn & Peter Huk’s Ancestral Tour

Had a great day trip around the Scottish Boarders visiting Rosslyn Chapel, Traquair House, Melrose and Abbotsford. Ian is a wealth of knowledge. Felt as if I got to see the real Scotland. If you want a smaller more personal trip this is the one for you. – Mandy Rhodes 10/04/2014 via TripAdvisor Rosslyn Chapel, Traquair House and Abbotsford

Great pictures, Ian. We have fond memories of our stay and absolutely would love to return some day. Thank you again for the lovely tour! – Johanna Feeney 31/03/2014 via Facebook Feeney Family Tour

Thanks Ian for taking such good care of my sisters and niece. Rachel (USA) 14/02/2014 via Facebook Faith, Mary & Rhoda visit their ancestral roots in the Borders and Faith, Mary, Rhoda and Amy’s Tour

We can’t wait to return to your beautiful country. We in Western Nebraska wish you well, Ian. You are an amazing tour guide!Rhoda (USA) 14/02/2014 via Facebook Faith, Mary & Rhoda visit their ancestral roots in the Borders and Faith, Mary, Rhoda and Amy’s Tour

Thank you for the attention that you showed us, we had a big group and some of us were unbearable at times, but you had a lot of patience, and you handled it like a champ!  Thanks, and we hope to see you again!Eric Robinson (USA) 16/01/2014

Thank you Ian Walker our Tour Guide from Borders Journeys for making our visit to Rosslyn Chapel possible. It was a wonderful addition to our trip. Ian and our driver John literally went out of their way to give us the best possible adventure! God Bless!  – Ron Chatham (USA) via Facebook 28/11/2013

Thank you for help. We had a great time in Scotland! You are the best!Linda Fang (USA) via Facebook 25/11/2013

Thanks for showing us your beautiful country, I had so much fun!Estrella Mendoza (USA) via Facebook 22/11/2013

We had a wonderful time and Ian, our Borders Journeys guide, was amazing!! – Amy (USA) via Facebook 07/10/2013 Faith, Mary, Rhoda and Amy’s Tour

We had an incredible tour guide. Thanks again Ian. – Rhoda (USA) via Facebook 06/10/2013 Faith, Mary & Rhoda visit their ancestral roots in the Borders and Faith, Mary, Rhoda and Amy’s Tour

Ian.  Thank you so much for providing us with a wonderful opportunity to see and experience the culture, people and wondrous scenery of Scotland. We appreciate your efforts and your vast knowledge of the history of Scotland. We look forward to using your services again in the near future.  Thanks again.  – Rhoda, Faith, Amy & Mary (USA) 03/10/2013 Faith, Mary & Rhoda visit their ancestral roots in the Borders and Faith, Mary, Rhoda and Amy’s Tour

You were MOST helpful in bringing us to the Borders and helping us find what may be many relatives from centuries past.  It will take some time to sort through all this material.  Am also enjoying following your on-going adventures with others! – Jeffrey Murray (USA) 08/09/2013 Murray Family’s Ancestral Tour of the Borders

Thanks Ian. Today’s ‘Anderson Tour’ was both fun and interesting. Loved all the wee snippets of information such as the ‘Window Tax’ and how The Mound was created. Can’t wait until Debbie (Jo’s sister) comes over and we can do it all again! A day to remember.  – Kaz Langlands (Scotland) 06/09/13 Kaz and Jo’s Ancestral Tour

Hi Ian, thanks again for yesterday 🙂 I had an amazing time. – Carlota Huelva (Spain) 02/09/2013 Scottish Borders and Alnwick Castle

So enjoyed yesterday – great journey. Thanks you Ian. – Elma Hickie (Scotland) 31/08/2013 Heather York’s Ancestral Journey to Crawfordjohn

Hi Ian – I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed meeting you. Our trip down to Crawfordjohn was memorable and will remain as the outstanding day of our trip to Scotland for me. The information that you shared gave me a glimpse into life in the area which I could never have had if we had visited the village on our own. – Heather and Maurice York (Australia) 31/08/2013 Heather York’s Ancestral Journey to Crawfordjohn

Amazing trip and breathtaking landscapes! Thanks for this fantastic day out of Edinburgh! – Sandra Zodiaco (Italy) 11/08/2013 Sir Walter Scott’s Borders

Thank you, Ian, for making this day memorable for our group. – Angela Peterson (USA) 02/08/2013 Dumfries House and Culzean Castle

Our family history tour of the Lockerbie township and surrounding area was the highlight of our time abroad. We would highly recommend your company, Borders Journeys, to folk seeking further on their family research or for discovering that beautiful part of Scotland. – John, Carol and Edith Elliot (Australia) 01/08/2013 Edith, John and Carol Meet Their Ancestors

Hi Ian, thank you for giving us a brief but beautiful insight of Scotland. I wished we had more time to explore but this only means that we have to come back again 🙂 Take care and hope to see you in Singapore one day soon!Jacqueline Lim (Singapore) 17/07/2013 Trossachs National Park

Hi Ian. Thanks for turning an airport lost luggage incident into a fantastic showcase of fine Scottish hospitality. My friends were in very good hands and you played a great part in creating lasting memories in their short trip to Scotland. – Valeria Hyslop (Singapore) 17/07/2013 Trossachs National Park

Thanks Ian for being communicative, flexible, genuine and professional. Your fun, informative tour was unforgettable! – Olga Boytsova (Singapore) 15/07/2013 Trossachs National Park

Thank  you for a fabulous day out in Glasgow with Borders Journeys. A+++++ tour guide, highly recommended. – Jane Oliver (Scotland) 20/06/2013

Thank you for having us, we really enjoyed the tour , your knowledge and your passion for your job! I wish you a great summer and I’m sure people will enjoy your tours. – Angela S (Scotland) 12/06/2013 Rosslyn Chapel, Glenkinchie Distillery and Scottish Borders

Thanks again for the extraordinary time. Really had a blast. – Yannick Van Winkel (Belgium) 02/06/2013 Belgian Journalists tour the Scottish Borders

Thanks for adding so very much to my journey into the past. Your tour certainly made the trip and tied up so many loose ends with my research. – Nancy D (Canada) 14/05/2013 Nancy’s ancestral tour

Ian spent the tonight doing Family History with me. I am back to information on my great great great grandfather! Thanks Ian!  This is my second time of touring with you and I am learning so much of my hidden family roots 🙂 I could not have done all this without your expert help.Barbara Blackport (Canada) 14/12/2012

Fantastic Day with Borders Journeys visiting Edinburgh. Had a wonderful tour of the city and visited the German Christmas Market. – Barbara Blackport (Canada) 13/12/2012

Many thanks for transporting us to and from Edinburgh safely! A fantastic night of great music and company 🙂 x – Lesley Wilkinson 19/11/2012

Thanks for the great day – John Sherwood (Berlin) 22/10/2012

Thank you so much for a superb day out. You even ordered the lovely weather! When can we do it again? – Dorothy Bell 10/10/2012 – Visit to Dumfries House

The trip was a phenomenal success thanks to you. Extremely well organised from A-Z and everything went according to plan. – Morten Erichsen (Norway) 18/09/2012 – Norwegian Delegates Visit

It was a real pleasure spending the afternoon with you and exploring the Borders area. I look forward to many more trips to Scotland in the future! Thank you for the great memories. – Nehal Mohamed (USA) 12/09/2012

It was lovely to meet you. Thank you for your personalized tour. We thoroughly enjoyed it. THANK YOU for a great afternoon! – Liz Bloss (USA) 12/09/2012

I had the most amazing day with Ian Walker and Borders Journeys. What an awesome tour based on my roots! The Borders are beautiful. – Jackie & Frank Cichon (USA) 11/09/2012 – Link to Jackies’s ancestral tour

Thanks again for Saturday…a fabulous day! – Jamie B 07/09/2012

Had a lovely day out in “Jeanie” from Border Journeys. Thank you Ian. – Jane Stevenson 06/09/2012

Fantastic day with Borders Journeys. Thank you Ian and we will be recommending you to our friends and family. – Mr & Mrs Warren (USA) 23/08/2012

Wanted to thank you again for taking care of us and for the great four shires tour. – Ron & Tina O’Brien (USA) 21/08/2012

Thanks Ian for a wonderful day. Loved your tour of the Borders, the afternoon tea and our trip to the Edinburgh Festival. Will be in touch soon to organize our next trip. Thanks again. – Allison Graham 18/08/2012

Recommend Borders Journeys for your day out. Ian made us feel so welcome. Fantastic day to Edinburgh Festival to Soddin Flodden. Entertaining from start to finish. Well done to all. Music, fun and a history lesson rolled into one. – Joanne Inglis 18/08/2012

Had a smashing day out, tour of Borders, afternoon tea at Dryburgh Abbey Hotel then Soddin Flodden, an excellent show, laughed from start to finish! – Shirley McClymont 18/08/2012

I had a great day. The minbus is so comfortable – Anne 12/08/2012

Great Day with Borders Journey! I will miss my touring and will return for Christmas! You have made this first trip into retirement very memorable. I have only seen a wee bit and need to experience more! Wonderful tours and highly recommended by this Canadian 🙂 – Barbara Blackport (Canada) 1/08/2012

Thanks again for the wonderful day. I love to tour with Borders Journey! They don’t rush me 🙂 – Barbara Blackport (Canada) 9/07/2012

We enjoyed our Traquair Ale on our return home, a pleasant reminder of a great day. To take a cottage in Melrose without a car is not ideal, however your tour was the highlight of our time in Melrose. Thank you for ‘shepherding’ us so well. – Alan, Gwenda & Peter Fry 28/06/2012

Thank you Ian for showing us the beauty of Scotland! We all enjoyed hearing about the history of this amazing place, we also enjoyed your company. Thanks again! – Briana Salgado (USA) 25/06/2012

Wonderful day Ian, we all thoroughly enjoyed your expertise and it was such a relaxing day. Borders Journeys is an excellent company for touring the Scottish Borders, true professionalism and Jeanie is very comfortable – thank you so much. – Jane Oliver 25/06/2012

Our tour today was amazing!!! Thanks so much for everything! – Ashton Wirths (USA) 25/06/2012

Michelle and I have had a wonderful time on your mystery tour today. We have seen so many lovely places, and your knowledge and information was superb. Afternoon tea at the Dryburgh was a perfect ending to a perfect day. Anyone wanting to go on Borders Journeys will not be dissapointed x – Barbara Heeley 28/05/2012

Myself and my mum have had a fantastic day Ian. Thank you so much, you dont realise what beautiful places are around us. Thank you for all the history/geography you’ve taught us today, you have been great company, nothing was too much trouble and you spoilt us with afternoon tea at Dryburgh Abbey Hotel. We will definitely be booking again. Anyone wishing to book one of these tours, DO IT NOW 🙂 they are fantastic 🙂 – Michelle Donaghy 28/05/2012 

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