Faith, Mary & Rhoda visit their ancestral roots in the Scottish Borders

For several months we have been assisting Faith, Mary & Rhoda from Nebraska to trace their ancestral roots in the Scottish Borders.

During the ladies’ first visit to Scotland we took the three ladies on an ancestral tour to the places associated with their ancestors at Kirkton and Hawick. Although we know from the Old Parish Registers that their ancestors were christened, married and died in the two parishes; unfortunately we were unable to find any headstones. It was important for the ladies to discover the people, places and traditions connected to their ancestors especially visiting  the parishes where they had lived and churches where they worshipped.

Their ancestors had been weavers in the late 18th century, it was therefore interesting for them to visit a modern mill at Johnstons of Elgin in Hawick. Johnstons provide an interesting guided tours of the mill where you can see all stages of the manufacturing of their cashmere garments. Following the tour you can visit their mill shop and wonderful café.

We later spent time at the Heritage Hub in Hawick where we found additional information about their Borders heritage.

Faith, Rhoda and Mary's visit to Kirkton Kirk Faith, Rhoda and Mary’s visit to Kirkton Kirk

Our daily scheduled tours depart from Stance F (ZF), Waterloo Place, Edinburgh (next to the entrance to Old Calton Cemetery).

A tailor-made ancestral tour with Borders Journeys takes our visitors on a journey of discovery where they walk in the footsteps of their ancestors and discover the people, places and traditions connected with them. Our ancestral services also includes researching Scottish Ancestry.

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