Family Photographs

An appointment with the photographer was an important occasion for our ancestors in the 19th and 20th century. Looking through family photographs, it is obvious that ‘Sunday best’ was the ‘order of the day’.

It’s fascinating looking at old family photos, they are a snapshot of time and of people who are no longer with us. Through the photographs we know how our ancestors looked and can see family resemblances in their descendants.

It’s a bonus when the photographs have names on them, however even without names they are our heritage and something to treasure. What will our descendants think of our styles in a hundred years?

Sunday Best

Borders Journeys‘ researcher Ian not only gives research advice but will investigate your Scottish ancestry on your behalf. He will research your family history with commitment and enthusiasm, connecting the dots to form a real picture of who and where you come from.

We design a tailor-made ancestral tours especially for you, taking you on a journey of discovery where you’ll connect with your Scottish ancestors by walking in their footsteps. Your ancestors will be brought to life when you learn about the people, places and traditions connected with them. By the end of the tour you’ll have gained a real insight into your ancestral heritage and where you came from.

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