Filming & Interview at Stobo Kirk

InterviewIan from Borders Journeys was recently interviewed and filmed at Stobo Kirk by Thomas Hogben from DP Digital Media. The interview about ancestral tourism in Scotland was commissioned by Highlands & Islands Enterprise (HIE) and Tourism Intelligence Scotland.

Ian chose Stobo Kirk as a venue as Borders Journeys has taken several homecomers there to research their Scottish ancestors. Ian also has connections with the kirk as generations of his own family were christened and married there as well as being buried in the kirkyard.

Stobo KirkThe history of Stobo Kirk dates from the late 500s when it is said to have been founded by St. Kentigern (more popularly known as St. Mungo) when he was Archbishop of Strathclyde. It is also said that St. Kentigern converted Merlin to Christianity and baptised him at nearby Alterstone. Much of today’s kirk dates from around 1120, however there have been many additions and reconstructions over the years – most notably in 1863 and 1929.

The kirkyard has many interesting headstones, the headstone of John Noble who died in 1723 is noteable as he carved full length as a soldier complete with a musket. Attached to the porch, with marks reputed to be made by men sharpening their arrows, are a set of jougs which were an instrument for punishment for ecclesiastical or criminal offenders. The collar was put around the neck of the offender, fastened with a padlock, and fixed to the church door or a tree by a chain. It is not recorded when these were last used.

Stobo Kirk - Headstones, Stained Glass & Jougs

Ancestral tours to Stobo Kirk have included Lyn & Peter Huk and the Murray family.

Borders Journeys‘ researcher Ian not only gives research advice but will investigate your Scottish ancestry on your behalf. He will research your family history with commitment and enthusiasm, connecting the dots to form a real picture of who and where you come from.

We design a tailor-made ancestral tours especially for you, taking you on a journey of discovery where you’ll connect with your Scottish ancestors by walking in their footsteps. Your ancestors will be brought to life when you learn about the people, places and traditions connected with them. By the end of the tour you’ll have gained a real insight into your ancestral heritage and where you came from.

We also investigate Cumbrian ancestry for the historic counties of Cumberland and Westmoreland as well as collaborating with Borders Ancestry with research in Northumberland.

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